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The rain city story

Rain City was created in 2014 by a select group of optical professionals with a shared passion for fashion eyewear. Tired of seeing frames produced by the usual corporate giants, we yearned for something different, a singular aesthetic, an eyewear collection inspired by the spirit and sensibilities of our hometown Seattle.​

The result was Rain City Eyewear. With an often-classic feel in shape, but our own Northwest sense of color and style, Rain City provides an alternative for individuals seeking their own distinctive look.​

At Rain City, we think buying eyewear should be fun! We want to provide our customers a singular look that just “fits.” For us, it’s not about big corporate brands, but fashionable alternatives that are personal, substantive and unique   . . . just like our hometown!

Take a look. Check-in from time to time. We think you’ll like what you see.

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